There are 4 types of collaborations that require the following content to be made in exchange for the products or services at your venue:

  • Story: 3 Stories
  • Maps: 2 Stories + Review
  • Diary: 2 Stories + Diary (a “diary” is a video where the experience at the venue is inserted in a daily vlog or a compilation video with similar content, instead of a fully dedicated Reel/Tiktok, like “a day in my life” or “best places I visited in Bali”)
  • Dedicated Reel/Tiktok: 2 Stories + 1 dedicated Reel or Tiktok

The first three are automatically approved when a booking is done on the app, while the dedicated Reel/Tiktok requires approval from your side.

The types of collaborations active for your venue, and products/services given in exchange, have been agreed with you in the past weeks but can be changed or added contacting our team.

Once a collaboration is approved, the models and influencers will be able to generate a coupon within the app and show it to the staff at your venue to prove they had a booking with Claris (please explain this process to your staff so they are ready for the collabs):

You will receive notifications about the bookings by email and we’ll share soon an app to see and manage all the bookings from your phone as well.

Every time you receive a new booking you will get a confirmation email with the social links of the model or influencer. If the collaboration is not automatically approved, you can click on the green button to accept the collab or on the red button to reject it:

If you have any questions, need support or would like to change the collaborations available you can reach our team at these contacts:

  • WhatsApp: +62 812 3770 3625
  • Email: